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MCP3201 Module

This module contains the driver for Microchip MCP3201 analog to digital converter with SPI serial interface (datasheet).


from microchip.mcp3201 import mcp3201


mcp = mcp3201.MCP3201(SPI0, D17)
value = mcp.get_raw_data()

MCP3201 class

class MCP3201

class MCP3201(spidrv, cs, clk = 400000)

Creates an instance of the MCP3201 class.


  • spidrv – SPI Bus used ‘(SPI0, …)’
  • cs – Chip select pin
  • clk – Clock speed, default 400 kHz


Return the conversion result as an integer between 0 and 4095 (12 bit). The digital output code is determined by the reference voltage Vref and the analog input voltage Vin:

Digital output code = 4096 * Vin / Vref