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MAX11644/11645 Module

This module contains the Zerynth driver for Maxim MAX1164X low-power Analog-to-Digital Converters with I2C interface (datasheet).


from maxim.max11644 import max11644


my_adc = max11644.MAX11644(I2C1)

# set the internal reference ON and use it as reference voltage
my_adc.setup(ref = 5)

# configure the adc to read Ain1 - Ain0 differential input
my_adc.config(3, 1, 0)

# get the raw converted value from the adc
value = my_adc.get_raw_data()

MAX11644 class

class MAX11644

class MAX11644(i2cdrv,clk = 100000)

Creates an instance of the MAX11644 class. This class allows the control of both MAX11644 and MAX11645 devices. The I2C slave address of these devices is factory programmed to 0x36.


  • i2cdrv – I2C Bus used ‘(I2C0, …)’
  • clk – Clock speed. Allowed values are 100000, 400000, 1000000

setup(ref = 0,clk = 0,mode = 0,rst = 1)

Writes the device’s setup register.


- ref : select the reference voltage.

ref Reference Voltage REF pin Internal reference state
0-1 Vdd Not connected Always on
2-3 External Reference input Always on
4 Internal Not connected Always on
5 Internal Not connected Always on
6 Internal Reference output Always off
7 Internal Reference output Always on
  • clk : set the clock source:
    • 0 : internal clock
    • 1 : external clock
  • mode : select the operating mode:
    • 0 : unipolar, differential input from 0 to Vref, digital output code is binary
    • 1 : bipolar, differential input from -Vref/2 to Vref/2, digital output is two’s complement
  • rst : reset the configuration register to default:
    • 0 : reset the configuration
    • 1 : no action

config(scan = 0,ch = 0,in_mode = 0)

Writes the device’s configuration register.


  • scan : select the scanning configuration.
scan Scanning configuration
0 Scans up from Ain0 to the input selected by ch
1 Converts the input selected by ch 8 times
2 do not use
3 Converts the input selected by ch
  • ch : select input channels to be used for conversion.
ch Single-ended mode Differential mode
positive channel negative channel positive channel negative channel
0 Ain0 GND Ain0 Ain1
1 Ain1 GND Ain1 Ain0
  • in_mode : select the input mode:
    • 0 : differential mode, digital output depends on mode (see setup()).
    • 1 : single-ended mode, digital output is binary

get_raw_data(n = 1)

Return a list containing the conversion results. If n is 1, return a single value. If the current operating mode is bipolar and the input mode is differential, the values are returned as signed integers, otherwise as unsigned integers.