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The Asset class

class Asset

class Asset(baseUrl,apiKey,srNo,assetName,assetTypeCode,ssl_ctx)

This class represents asset software which facilitates all communication to the LiveIntersect cloud. LiveIntersect is a IoT enablement platform which collects and manages asset data and enables you to build IoT solutions.

baseUrl url to LiveIntersect hosting, If you are using first implementation use Sandbox Environment

apiKey A valid API key representing an organization. If a API key has been generated following LiveIntersect

srNo A hardware identifier (serial number) which unique within your Organization

assetName User friendly name for this Asset (does not need to be unique)

assetTypeCode Optional asset-type-code representing asset-type configured in in LiveIntersect environment

ssl_ctx initialize SSL context please read Zerynth Documentation

my_Asset = li_http.Asset(, apiKey, srNo, assetName, assetTypeCode, ssl_ctx)


do_api_get(resourcePath,params=None,headers = None)

Performs GET resource from resourcePath using Asset credentials

resourcePath REST resource path within LiveIntersect params Http parameteres (query-string) headers Http headers


do_api_post(resourcePath,jsonObj,headers = None)

Performs POST to resourcePath using Asset credentials

resourcePath REST resource path within LiveIntersect jsonObj JSON payload headers Http headers



Use this method to register your device and with the LiveIntersect server. Every asset must be registered before the cloud accepts any communication from the device. This method first checks if asset instance is already registered, if not new registration request will be made.



Use this method to retrieve information about the current asset. This method will return the asset properties, configuration data (within attribute list), current telemetry data (within cloud)

asset LiveIntersect Asset instance

returns Api-Response JSON with JSON[“result”] being asset-information



Use this method to send sensor data or telemetry data to the LiveIntersect cloud.

asset LiveIntersect Asset instance metric_code unique identifier for the metric associated with the asset type metric_value Raw value of the Metric (may contain unit-symbol i.e. 45C)



Use this method to configuration data to the LiveIntersect cloud. Note: use get_asset_info to download attribute currently stored in the cloud.

asset LiveIntersect Asset instance attr_code unique identifier for the attributes associated with the asset type attr_value Raw value of the attribute (may contain unit-symbol i.e. 45C)