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Liveintersect IoT

LiveIntersect is an IoT application enablement platform which is designed to help build Connected Products and IoT solutions. The IoT enablement platform provides vital capabilities including:

  • Aggregate data from endpoint assets
  • Store and process device data
  • Hierarchical multi-tenant security model
  • Drag & drop portal development tool
  • Rules and notification engine
  • Integration framework

Using the Zerynth Studio, and the LiveIntersect client library you can quickly build IoT solutions that can run on many microcontrollers.

The LiveIntersect client library provides functionality to:

  1. Register assets (devices) to LiveIntersect Cloud
  2. Send sensor data and telemetry data (called metrics) to LiveIntersect Cloud
  3. Synchronize attribute configuration data

Summary: The Esprida LiveIntersect IoT platform support for Zerynth embedded hardware, helping businesses unlock the full potential of connected solutions, by rapid integration with sensors, actuators and could services.