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BCM43362 Module

This module implements the bcm43362 wifi driver. At the moment some functionalities are missing: * soft ap * wifi direct

It can be used for every kind of bcm43362 based device, going from the Particle Photon to Broadcom Evaluation Boards (not integrated in the IDE).

It is important to remark that Broadcom drivers for Zerynth are distributed as binary only, since the Broadcom license for source code is very restrictive.

The bcm43362 is based on the SDIO standard and also needs some additional pins to function; one which is called WEN (Wireless Enable) used as turn on/shutdown; one which is called RST and is used internally to reset the Wifi chip; more info on Broadcom Community:

To use the module expand on the following example:

from broadcom.bcm43362 import bcm43362 as bcm
from wireless import wifi

for retry in range(10):
    try:"Network-SSID", wifi.WIFI_WPA2, "password")
    except Exception as e:

if not wifi.is_linked():
    raise IOError


Tries to automatically init the bcm43362 driver by looking at the device type. The automatic configuration is possible for Broadcom Evaluation devices and Particle Photon (both USI9 and USI14 modules).

The country argument initializes the driver to use only country available channels.

PeripheralError is raised in case of failed initialization.


init(boots0, boots1, wen, rst, country)

Tries to init the bcm43362 driver:

  • boots0 and boots1 are the pins used to configure the chip transfer (SPI vs SDIO). Pass 0xffff if not needed.
  • wen is the pin used as wifi power switch
  • rst is the pin used as wifi reset
  • country is the two letter code of the country. It is used to identify available channels.


Selects the antenna to be used:

  • 0: antenna 0
  • 1: antenna 1
  • 3: automatic antenna selection


Returns the current RSSI in dBm



Returns the last connection error as an internal code.