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The ZDM allows you to enable FOTA (over the air firmware updates) on your devices.

Prepare the FOTA

The command compiles and uploads the firmware for a device into ZDM.


VERSION is a string identifying the version of the firmware (e.g., "1.0").

Start a FOTA

Once you’ve uploaded your firmware, you can send the FOTA command to a device that will download it from the ZDM and uplink it.

If the FOTA operation is finished, you can see if the device has accepted or refused it using the zdm fota check dev-uid command.

To start a fota, type the command:

zdm fota schedule FW_VERSION DEVICE_ID

where FW_VERSION is the firmware version associated to the device's workspace uid and DEVICE_ID is the device you want to send the command to.

Check FOTA status

To check the status of a FOTA you started, to know if the device finished the task or if an error occurred, type the following command:

zdm fota check DEVICE_UID

where DEVICE_UID is the uid of the device you want to check.