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NTPClient Library

This library retrieve the current time from an NTP server. A method to convert the timestamp from ntc to a human readable format is available in the examples.

NTPClient class

class NTPClient

class NTPClient(conn_ifc, server="")

Create an instance of the NTPClient class which allow communication with the NTP Server.

If no server is provided, a default one will be used.


  • conn_ifc – a connection interface that must be initialized by the user.

  • server – the server to be used.



Retrieve the current time from the NTP Server. amount of second passed since January 1st 1900 from the NTP Server.


  • unix_timestamp – Unix flag. Set to False or True to get the current time as the amount of seconds passed since January 1st 1900 or Epoch (January 1st 1970) respectively.


  • The current time as integer.