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Technical reference

The Zerynth technical reference contains the developer documentation for the vast ecosystem of programming tools provided by Zerynth, collectively known as Zerynth SDK.

It can be daunting to navigate all the information, but the task is made easire by the full site search on the site header. Moreover, the technical reference can be divided into topics:

  • Zerynth OS documentation, made of an introductory part about Python and the capabilities of the Zerynth OS (the Programming Guide) and an in-depth part about the core libraries (the Standard Library)
  • Zerynth libraries documentation, made of the single documentations of each of the vast amount of sensors, actuators, connectivity and support libraries that Zerynth provides. Libraries can be accessed from the menu on the left and are categorized by vendor.
  • Zerynth devices documentation, with the detailed description of each supported hardware, together with pinmaps and available features. Supported devices can be accessed from the menu on the left.
  • Zerynth command line tools documentation. It is divided into a section for the Zerynth SDK Toolchain (ZTC) and a section for the Zerynth Device manager (ZDM)

Old documentation

Documentation for versions of Zerynth SDK before r2.6.0 can be found here