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Zerynth components

Zerynth OS

A multithreaded real-time OS that supports hybrid Python/C coding, advanced security and connectivity features, advanced power-management, FOTA, and provides real hardware independence.

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Zerynth Device Manager

Zerynth Device Manager (ZDM) is a device and data management service that makes it easy to securely register, organize, monitor, and remotely manage IoT devices at scale.

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Zerynth Hardware


4ZeroBox, a versatile data acquisition unit, programmable in hybrid Python/C thanks to the Zerynth OS. 4ZeroBox is ideal as a machine-to-cloud interface to plug into old and modern industrial machines.

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Zerynth Powered Devices

These Zerynth powered solutions will inspire you to look beyond your expectations of what you can do with Python. You’ll see how Python programming is solving real problems in the industrial IoT, how it’s helping embedded developers with prototyping, and much more.

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Zerynth Supported Devices

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